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As homesteaders striving for simplicity, we try to limit consumerism as much as possible.  That said, there are some items that are worth their salt in terms of value and practicality on the homestead.  We feature them here to help you make good choices for your own adventures in self-sufficiency.  As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

General Homestead Learning

Great all-purpose homesteading books for beginner to intermediate homesteaders.

Great Gardening Books

From broad perspectives on permaculture to virtual veggie encyclopedias!

Garden-to-Plate Cookbooks (+ Preserving)

For the gardener who wants to make the most of what they grow.

Other Homestead Hobbies

Our go-to DIY Books!

Tools of the Trade

Some of the tools and equipment we use day-in day-out on our homestead

Other Recommended Brands

We're proud to have affiliate relationships with a few other companies we recommend:

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