Greens 'N Grains for Breakfast

June 23, 2018

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Breakfast can feel repetitive sometimes - even the best pancake recipe ever isn't something you want to make every week.  And some mornings, you just really want to start out with something robust and healthy that isn't too difficult to make.


These are the perfect mornings for greens and grains.


Too often we relegate greens to either the salad bowl or the dinner plate, but breakfast is actually a great time to mix in some kale or arugula or a fresh bowl of spinach, especially if you have multiple containers in your fridge when the greens are exploding in your garden (speaking from experience).


Likewise, cereal and pancakes aren't the only way to incorporate grains into your morning routine, and oats aren't the only grain you can put in your bowl.  Healthy whole grains like quinoa, millet, and buckwheat can be a great alternative to a bowl of full of cereal that likely has added sugar.


By mixing greens and grains, and adding an egg for protein, you can get a well-rounded, healthy breakfast that will please your taste buds and keep you going.  


Simple 3 Step Process to prepare your greens and grains:


1 Prepare your grain by simply boiling it in water with a dash of salt - see this helpful chart from the Whole Grains Council for grain to water ratios and cooking times, and don't forget to rinse your quinoa if that is the grain you choose.


2 Prepare your greens by warming olive oil or butter in a pan and tossing a big handful of greens per person with salt and pepper while you wilt them in your warm oil or butter; light greens like spinach or arugula will only need about 30 seconds, while heavier greens like kale or collards will take longer (you could also use hearty greens that have been previously cooked).


3 Top with a poached or fried egg (cooked in the same pan as the greens) and sprinkle with scallions, chives, or any herb of your choice to add a hint of flavor.


PS - we got started on this greens 'n grains kick when visiting my sister-in-law who is a nutritionist in New York City; if you're in the area, check her out at Core Solutions NYC.





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