Prime Day 2019: Homesteading Deals

July 15, 2019


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Amazon Prime Day is actually Amazon Prime Days this year - July 15 and 16, 2019.  These two days offer a flood of deals for Amazon Prime Members, with the type of discounts you won't see again until Black Friday.  Now, I'm the first to tell you to buy only what you need, and buy it locally if you can.  But I'm also a frugal shopper, and there are some things that I simply can't find at a better price than online.


I'll be building out this article as Prime Day continues with a list of items that I think are worth the order - items that are truly functional, long-lasting, and serve a valuable purpose on the homestead.  Keep in mind that Prime deals are only available to Prime members.  Each year I ask myself whether Prime membership is worth the annual fee, and I have to admit that I always find myself answering "yes."  Not only do I buy gifts and books on Amazon, I also buy a lot of the containers and supplies I need to make the beeswax products that I sell on Etsy.  All with prime shipping.


To get an idea of some of the items I think are worth the expense, you can also check out my Amazon Storefront where I keep an ongoing list of helpful books, tools, and other resources.  And yes, these are affiliate links and we earn from qualifying purchases.  I'm gonna be up front with you on that one!


Without further ado, here are the deals that I recommend!


Airtight Food Storage: We love these Oxo POP Airtight containers for storing bulk amounts of flour, sugar, and other grains. They keep things very fresh, are easy to use, and last a long time. They were my 30th Birthday present, and lets just say they last at least a decade :). They're on sale for prime day, plus you can apply a coupon!




Row Cover: It's not too early to think about extending your garden season. Row covers are a great way to garden later into the fall and start sooner in the Spring. These ones will fit nicely over a home-built raised bed with row cover like the one we describe in this article.



Scraper Blade for the Kitchen Aid: We use our Kitchen Aid mixer for everything! From our favorite whole wheat chocolate chip cookies to our weekly bread-making. I love having a beater with a scraper blade built right in because it eliminates all of the stopping to scrape the sides of the bowl. I know that sounds like a small inconvenience, but when you bake as much as we do it saves time and energy.



Produce Storage: Keeping the bounty of lettuce from the garden fresh without using disposable plastic.  This container holds 17 cups of produce, and is in our cart right now!



Egg Apron We actually don't have chickens but if we did I would totally want this cute egg apron; wouldn't you? :)


Wood Stove Fan: Heat activated wood-stove fans are an eco-friendly way to distribute heat from your wood-stove around your house.  Read more about heating with a woodstove in this partner article.  This particular fan is about 50% off for Prime Day(s) and we actually plan to purchase it!



Grow Lights: Learn how to design a plant stand for your seedlings with this article from our sister site, then shop a wide variety of grow lights on sale for Prime Day with the link below.  

Pruning Shears: A useful tool for many applications, a good pair of pruning shears is especially helpful for the big job of pruning all of our tomato plants.  This pair gets high reviews and is a whopping 60% off for Prime Day!



Ice Cube Trays (for Pesto):We've posted a lot of pesto recipes lately, and what they all have in common is a recommendation for the best way to store them - by making frozen cubes using a silicone ice cube tray.  This is one is a great deal, and comes with a flexible cover too.


Cast Iron Cookware: If you are looking to get into cast iron cooking or increase your collection, you can't go wrong with Lodge - classic design, extremely versatile, and easy to season and use.  For Prime Day, Lodge is offering a 4 piece set at 25% off or an enameled dutch oven (in a cute pumpkin color) for 40% off.  We use our enameled dutch oven for ALL of our soup, stew, and sauce-making.















Kitchen Shears: Small but mighty, this kitchen tool is absolutely a must-have on the homestead.  We use them for everything from harvesting asparagus and cutting flowers, to processing a whole chicken.  These Kitchen Aid ones are 30% off for Prime Day.



Cook Books: I"ll share a few of our favorite cookbooks as they come up on sale.  The Cooks Illustrated Vegetable Cookbook, for example, is a Day 1 "Lightening Deal" for 52% off.



Kitchen Scale: A good kitchen scale is key when you are baking bread from scratch, especially if you are grinding your own grains.  We also use ours for making homemade bath and beauty products like beeswax lip balm and lotion bars.  The one we have, and many other models, are on sale for 20% off for Prime Day.



Toaster Oven: A high-quality toaster oven is a great investment for the homestead; it can be used to cook on hot days, or when you don't want to use all of the electricity that a full oven uses, or it can be a great space saver for a tiny kitchen.  We've written more about why we love a good toaster oven here.  Check out some of the models on sale for prime day!



The Instant Pot: Yes, we do recommend and instant pot.  They are great for hydrating dried beans, making yogurt, or even cooking down tomato sauce!  Read more in our article on why we love ours. The model we have is MORE THAN 50% OFF for Prime Day.









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